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We are Blue Iceland

The company name, Blue Iceland, refers to the tantalizing, ever-changing, crystal blue colour of the ice caves we visit, and our ice cave and glacier walk guides make sure that all of our guests experience personalized, professionally run, and fun tours into the amazing glacier world of Iceland.

Local Insights

Blue Iceland is built on experience, professionalism, passion, and local insights. All members of the Blue Iceland team have ties to the Vatnajokull area – Dísa, our Office Manager, was in fact, born and raised in this magnificent setting. As a result, our local knowledge and ties to the area are an invaluable foundation for our guided tours.

Professional Service

We always emphasize safety, professionalism, and that our services be personal, fun, and memorable. All our guides are highly trained and experienced. One of our company‘s founders and glacier guides, Jón, has been a passionate professional guide for over two decades, serving for much of that time as a member of the Icelandic search and rescue teams. In addition, all of our guides are friendly, fun to be around, and informative.

Our Vehicles

Our first choice of vehicle, essential for some of our tours, is the Unimog, developed by Daimler-Benz and invaluable for crossing impassible terrain. Each Unimog is built to the customer’s specifications, and in our case, the cars are modified by us personally and in cooperation with Icelandic experts to maximize their potential and safety. It is, in fact, an adventure in itself to ride in these vehicles through the glacial terrain, and this experience is an invaluable part of our tours into one of the world’s most spectacular glacier areas.

 Welcome to Iceland

The Blue Iceland team welcomes you to Iceland, and we are proud to be a part of your glacier experience.

Glacier Guide

Jón Tryggvi

Glacier Guide

Blue Iceland Office Manager

Bjarndís (Dísa) Þorbergsdóttir

Office Manager

Mímir Völundarson

Glacier Guide

Blue Iceland Glacier Guide Ragnar

Ragnar Páll

Glacier Guide

Glacier Guide

Tom Ballam

Glacier Guide

Glacier Guide Ásgeir Long

Ásgeir Long

Glacier Guide


Glacier Guide

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