“We had the Blue Ice Cave tour… I was impressed! Ragnar was our tour guide and boy he knew his staff like the back of his hand… very helpful and informative. This is one of the best adventures we had in Iceland. We felt safe the whole time – although it was raining and the weather was not very cooperative, Ragnar managed to give our money’s worth!”


“A highlight on our tour around Iceland was the 3.5 hr tour with Steinthor to, on and from a glacier. The drive there, the hike, putting on the gear (crampons etc) and then encouraged to learn how to walk on the glacier while being taught a lot about glaciers and Iceland. A must for anyone visiting this beautiful country if you are in the vicinity of that area.”



The Ice Cave Season has begun!

Ice-cave tours and glacier walks are experiences you’ll never forget. Vatnajokull glacier is the largest glacier in Europe, 8.500 square kilometres in all. The journey to the glacier is in itself a fascinating and enjoyable venture, an off-road safari through the snowy landscape. The ice cave then provides a spectacular site for photography; it is no secret why ice cave tours have become so popular in Iceland. Create your very own unparalleled memories and contact Blue Iceland today.

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